Welcome to Civic Academy

In a constantly changing corporate world, up-to-date flexible knowledge of technology, creativity, and innovation is the best capital for success and most marketable qualification in a digital age. management positions.

The Civic Academy is a world-class, media, tech and creativity training center hosted in a facility that spurs innovation and equipped with the best teaching materials in the world. It is a modern training institution that creates an enabling environment set up to provide the needed skill set for a generation of the storytellers in Nigeria and Africa.

Our Focus

To teach technology, innovation, business strategy, and creative media courses and support our cohorts through the process of monetizing their skills.

Graduates of the Civic Academy will be equipped to compete globally in the film and TV industry, offering excellence as a core professional value. Also, the academy will pave way for her graduates and position them for revenue generation and commercialization of their new skill sets.

Why Choose Us?

  • There is an urgent need for hands-on skill development in Nigeria has this has reflected in the unemployability rate and quality of start-ups in the country.
  • Civic Academy prepares her students for the skills that match the future of work.
  • We have a faculty of professionals and experts.
  • Our space is one of the best equipped in the country. At Civic Academy, students can enroll in our project-based courses.

The adoption of new technologies will lead to large-scale automation of manual and routine tasks. Those who may lose their jobs or businesses during this period of digital transformation will be the least equipped to seize the new opportunities. We are offering courses that help our cohorts upskill and re-skill.

Corporate Bodies

As businesses and public service providers (Government) move from manual business process to automated and modernized business, We offer bespoke courses and training programs that enable our clients to take on new opportunities. These programs focus on building teams that drive results during and after digital transformation.


We are preparing children and young adults for the future of work through our series of STEM boot camps and after-school programs.

Technology Web Design & Development Software Development - Python Blockchain for Business Design thinking Innovation Strategy STEM Club & Coding for Kids 3D Solid Works
Business and Finance Measuring and Improving Business Performance Marketing Strategy for SMEs Project Leadership Digital Transformation for Businesses Infrastructure Project Finance Structured Finance Change & Stakeholder Management
Creative Media Digital Marketing Cinematography Advanced Editing Storytelling Photography Makeup for Social Media Fashion Illustration Computer Generated Imagery (CGI)

Program Structure

Duration 4weeks to 6weeks

Each course enrolled for under any of the departments above, except business and Finance, will run for 4-6 weeks. The course syllabus (later in this document) shows a breakdown of the course topics that will be covered from week one to week six.

Courses under Business and Finance department are structured into master classes and business clinics for intending or active entrepreneurs. These master classes and business clinics will be facilitated by financial experts and well-known business tycoons from in and outside the country. .

Method: Onsite training

All classes will hold within the Civic Academy facility situated at 50, Ademola Adetokunbo Crescent, Wuse 2, Abuja.